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Relay Performance Jogger – Fern

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This stylish first-class buggy attracts everyone’s attention thanks to its fancy ornamental stripes.

This stylish first-class buggy attracts everyone’s attention thanks to its fancy ornamental stripes.

The Torro promises pure pleasure on every ride due to its lightweight aluminium frame and its swivelling and lockable front wheels. Ergonomically shaped push handles make even on longer trips for a comfortable ride. A suspension absorbs all shocks gently. Have a break wherever your wish, because the locking brake ensures a safe stand for your Torro .

The bottle in the cup holder is always ready to hand. You will find plenty of space for your baby items in the large shopping basket.

Thanks to its wide and softly padded seat, the buggy Torro offers the highest level of comfort for your child. The back rest can be reclined to a horizontal position with only one hand. The foot rest can also be adjusted several times. The large and extendable sun canopy with additional sunshade protects your child optimally against sun, wind and rain. Through the viewing window in the hood, you can always keep an eye on your little one. Thanks to the padded 5-point harness and the front bar, your child is always safe on your trips.

A breathable boot cover protects your baby from wind and rain and completes this great buggy.


57 avaliações para Relay Performance Jogger – Fern

  1. Davis Becker

    Davis Becker

  2. Maci Bridges

    Maci Bridges

  3. Indigo Gregory

    Indigo Gregory

  4. Lilly Shepherd

    Lilly Shepherd

  5. Annabelle Swanson

    Annabelle Swanson

  6. Ashlyn Haynes

    Ashlyn Haynes

  7. Allen Garza

    Allen Garza

  8. Sullivan Sharp

    Sullivan Sharp

  9. Aziel Walter

    Aziel Walter

  10. Raven Park

    Raven Park

  11. Blake Villa

    Blake Villa

  12. Jacqueline Hester

    Jacqueline Hester

  13. dayden palomino

    dayden palomino

  14. Miguel Mcmahon

    Miguel Mcmahon

  15. Gabriella Strong

    Gabriella Strong

  16. Lucille Spencer

    Lucille Spencer

  17. Piper Taylor

    Piper Taylor

  18. bryttani loose

    bryttani loose

  19. Amara Cabrera

    Amara Cabrera

  20. Riata Virgos

    Riata Virgos

  21. Bryston Krzywda

    Bryston Krzywda

  22. Aracelys Borrego

    Aracelys Borrego

  23. Billiejoe Widenow

    Billiejoe Widenow

  24. Cliftina Kirkum

    Cliftina Kirkum

  25. Shawnteria Morales zamora

    Shawnteria Morales zamora

  26. Travone Bollig

    Travone Bollig

  27. Elizar Dumanoglu

    Elizar Dumanoglu

  28. Locklan Guanuco

    Locklan Guanuco

  29. Harjot Torvi

    Harjot Torvi

  30. Baileigh Reycraft

    Baileigh Reycraft

  31. Estela Leboutte

    Estela Leboutte

  32. Teila Detlor

    Teila Detlor

  33. Laqueeta Agostini nicolas ezequiel

    Laqueeta Agostini nicolas ezequiel

  34. Lucelenia Ahlsen

    Lucelenia Ahlsen

  35. Anônimo

    Aubryelle Barriguete

  36. Dauntae Nicolcenco

    Dauntae Nicolcenco

  37. Tannette Surakka

    Tannette Surakka

  38. Battista Odabashian

    Battista Odabashian

  39. Oliviagrace Lougheed

    Oliviagrace Lougheed

  40. Abyan Hirschland

    Abyan Hirschland

  41. Ruthey Smigielski

    Ruthey Smigielski

  42. Summie Snair

    Summie Snair

  43. Kalanii Beyfeld

    Kalanii Beyfeld

  44. Myricle Meersman

    Myricle Meersman

  45. Zaniyah Irqqiut

    Zaniyah Irqqiut

  46. Lequesha Dreizehnter

    Lequesha Dreizehnter

  47. Deatta Giannosa

    Deatta Giannosa

  48. Janelee Kjennerud

    Janelee Kjennerud

  49. Runda Dutschmann

    Runda Dutschmann

  50. Lorre Holocher

    Lorre Holocher

  51. Antavis Malatto

    Antavis Malatto

  52. Abutalip Haugejorden

    Abutalip Haugejorden

  53. Christle Rhom

    Christle Rhom

  54. Anjolie Gomez pineda

    Anjolie Gomez pineda

  55. Vyvyan Cuznetov

    Vyvyan Cuznetov

  56. Akhtyam Sustr

    Akhtyam Sustr

  57. Deautre Luina

    Deautre Luina

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